Sleep is essential for our mental well being – check out your sleep habits and follow these handy tips to help boost your sleep quality:

Create a sleep-friendly space
Make sure your room is quiet, cool, comfy, darkened and uncluttered.

Ditch the devices 1 hour before bed
Switch off gadgets – phones, laptops, tv’s, they interrupt your sleep hormones and keep your mind revved up.

Wind down sleep routine
Create your own relaxing and regular sleep routine ie gentle music, bath, a good book… whatever feels right for you.

Keep it calm
Avoid heated late night discussions and instead try out meditation, guided meditation or relaxation exercises to quieten the mind.

Cut out the caffeine
Avoid caffeinated drinks (tea/coffee/fizzy drinks) 4-6 hours before bed and opt for decaff’ options such as a milky drink instead.

Avoid clock-watching
Clock-watching will just wind you up. Instead….

Take a ‘time out’
If you can’t sleep, take a time out – get out of bed do something else then try again later.

Relax, rest and digest
Avoid strenuous exercise or eating heavy meals before bed.

Bedside jotter
Leave a notepad by your bed – jot down worrying thoughts, then close the book until morning.

Power naps
If you need to nap, keep it brief and stick to short (daytime) naps of about 20 mins.

And breathe…
And finally, as you settle down to sleep, try one of the “chill apps” we are recommending in our Apps Zone. These are designed to help you breathe, relax and let go of negative thoughts and worries and the stuff that keeps you awake. Try a few until you find one that works for you.


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