Online school


A student’s life in online school is a lot different and far from what we all thought it would be.

Previously, if we were told we would have a few months off school, away from the teachers, homework deadlines and early mornings- we would be thrilled. But things have changed, and this lockdown is beginning to feel more like a chore than a break.

No matter our age, online school has affected us, we feel like we do not have enough time in the day for anything else and, worst of all, we can’t have our friends near us to help. Not having my friends near me to help me during class makes me anxious and isolated. I must remind myself that this is a normal feeling and, although I may feel that I don’t have much control over my life at the moment, I realised that lots of my friends and family are feeling that way and I can try my best to feel in control.

I do this by scheduling in breaks from my schoolwork no matter what (watching television and playing games with my family), trying to get some exercise (a walk, a little run or workout), seeing different faces and saying hello and calling my friends as much as possible.
My friends tell me how “everything is just all very overwhelming” and I’ve learnt that just talking about this, really helps.

The worst thing for me during this lockdown is the feeling that I’m missing out on so many life experiences like passing my driving test, going to prom and having parties with my friends. I just constantly remind myself that this is a normal way to feel during this time and it is felt by many which calms me.

For example, one of my friends said “I feel like I’m missing out on spending time with my friends and possibly making new ones. I also am missing family, gatherings and just general education and motivation.” Just remember that we are all in the same boat and we will get through this.


The Return to School

The return to school and college has finally arrived. Change after change to the rules and guidelines
has created shock and the reality is only beginning to sink in. The lessons and tests can become
draining as the pressure from the teachers increases as they try and catch up on all we missed over
lockdown. Many of us expected school and college to be a good and happy return, but it’s okay if the
return is below our expectations due to our motivation and resilience starting to decrease. The many
unfamiliar social interactions we are facing, especially with masks, is also unusual but seeing friends
and classmates can make this new experience seem a lot better.

Written by Olivia 16 yrs old

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